Auto Game Gold monthly updates for January 2023

Monthly Update - January 2023


Outlined below are the monthly updates for Auto Game Gold for the month of January 2023.

  • Referral Program
    We now run a user referral program, offering you a 10% cut of your invitations payouts, converted to USDT. Stay tuned for in-depth article and terms. 

  • Live Chat Upgrade
    Our live chat will now automatically initiate after you request a payout, connecting you directly to us for faster and more efficient payouts.

  • Support Ticket System
    Now featuring a ticketing system, accessible from your user dashboard. This will assist users and staff in on-going bug fixes and give users clear record of their interaction with us.

  • Major Security Upgrades
    In conjunction with our email security code option, we have added a framework that will now allow you to link a TOTP authenticator to your AGG account. This ensures users are secure and adds failsafe security to layers of your interactions, such as login, payouts and sensitive account changes. 
  • 3rd Party Account Linking
    We now allow users to link one or more social accounts to their AGG account after registration, this can act as multi-form authentication, and assist us in delivering personalised content for our users. 

Thank you,
Auto Game Gold Team