What is Auto Game Gold ?

Auto Game Gold is the next generation of Web 3.0 applications powered by the Ravencoin Blockchain providing value to it's user base. With no registration costs or on-going fees, we simply allow our users to generate in-game value using their device GPUs. Our software application supports modern Nvidia & AMD GPUs to allow our users to mine virtual gaming currencies & items using our platform. Discover the new age of Web 3.0 platforms, as we dive into the future of blockchain and it's endless innovation!

How Auto Game Gold Works

Officially launched on the 7th of February, 2022, Auto Game Gold is a service that allows our users to earn & request payouts from their mining work on the Ravencoin Blockchain with their AMD & Nvidia GPUs directly to their favourite online games as a reward for using our service. Auto Game Gold was originally integrated with the Ethereum Blockchain until the Proof of Stake upgrade to the Ethereum network. Since then Auto Game Gold has transitioned to the Ravencoin Blockchain to continue enabling our users the ability to use Proof of Work to provide them value and rewards in the games they play.

Our software application supports both Windows & Linux operating systems. Users are required to be registered with Auto Game Gold and operate a compatible AMD or Nvidia GPU to use our desktop mining application. When a user is mining with Auto Game Gold, the earnings in their wallet balance will update every 10 minutes in relation to the amount of valid shares they have contributed within the duration.

How We Pay Our Users

Our users can easily request an in-game payout within their user dashboard once logged into Auto Game Gold. We use our own private application programming interface (API) to allow the integration between our software application for mining and our website for our users to be able to track and identify their mining progress with us, this also includes the ability to request a payout in-game to their favourite online games. Payouts include gaming currencies & items. Please note that each wallet may have different minimum payout requirements.

Supported Games

List of current supported games:

- Old School Runescape (OSRS)

Coming Soon

List of games coming soon:

- Runescape 3 (RS3)

If you would like to suggest a game, sign into your Auto Game Gold dashboard and visit your wallet page, here you will be able to suggest your favourite games for our consideration.

Latest News & updates

To stay up to date with the latest news & updates from Auto Game Gold visit News or follow us on Twitter and join our official Discord server.

Our goals
Blockchain For Gamers

Auto Game Gold allows you too take advantage of blockchain technology. We currently support the Ravencoin Blockchain, and will integrate other Blockchain technologies within the future.

Active Community

Our goal is to build an active community for Auto Game Gold too enable all our users to reachout and interact with eachother as a community.

Active Design & Development

We continue to actively grow and build Auto Game Gold's network, mining application and services everyday as we continue our journey with blockchain technology.

Building Our Network

As Auto Game Gold continues to grow, so does our network resources, applications and infrastructure that empowers Auto Game Gold.


We want to make Auto Game Gold available on all devices around the world, no matter what operating system or geo-location, we want to make Auto Game Gold available too you.

Create Value

To give the ability to gamers to generate, create value and make money within the games they play. As Auto Game Gold moves forward, so does the amount of games we support for our mining application.

Account Security

As our userbases increases, so does Auto Game Gold's security options too protect your account from unauthorised access, and keep peace of mind.

Hardware Integration

Auto Game Gold will continue to adapt and support new hardware for our software mining application, as new technologies continue to be developed every day in the graphics card and computing hardware industry.

2021 Q4
Initial Modelling

Early planning and modelling between key stakeholders.

2021 Q4
Proof of Concept

Our vision brought to fruition with the initial prototypes.

2021 Q4
Technical Specifications

Calculate and develop core functionalities.

2021 Q4
API Framework

Build the backbone infrastructure.

2021 Q4
Network Scalability

Implement industry standard network applications.

2021 Q4
Blockchain Integration

Go live on the Ravencoin Network

2022 Q4
BETA Evaluation

Evaluation of the BETA testing to move forward into Phase 2.

2022 Q2-3
Phase 1 Upgrades

Release critical infrastructure and bug fixes during BETA testing.

2022 Q1
Public BETA

The official public release of Auto Game Gold.

2022 Q1

Building a community and getting our name out infront of the world.

2022 Q1
Pre-release Testing

Rigorous testing and software patches.

2021 Q4
Website Construction

Shape our online portal into the ecosystem.