Auto Game Gold expands as the next generation of Web3 applications that provides value to it's user base. Free and easy to use, we enable you to make solid in-game gains.
Getting started is easy, simply start by installing our desktop miner, create your account and begin earning.
Old School Runescape (OSRS)
Payments are calculated using our proof-of-work algorithm, calculating each valid share your computer submits to the mining pool (PPS). Using this collected data, each 10 minutes we use the current crypto exchange rates to determine your correct amount of earnings.
Windows10+ and Ubuntu16.04+ systems.
You can install our desktop miner on as many devices as you like. Using the same login details on each will conveniently display their statistics in your user dashboard.
You may request a payout directly from your wallet page, provided you have met the minimum payout amount. Once submitted, you will be automatically connected with your payout agent in live chat to proceed with the in-game trade.
Visit our download section https://autogamegold.com/downloads and select the appropriate version for your OS. Our installer will walk you through the setup process.
Majority of Anti-Viruses flag cryptocurrency mining software due to the use of viruses that are executed on a user's system without authorization from the user, so regardless, majority of Anti-Viruses will flag all cryptocurrency mining software as viruses regardless of legitimate or illegitimate purposes. Solution: If your Anti-Virus flags our software, add it as an exception/exclusion in your Anti-Virus dashboard, so you can use our software for mining.