Begin your adventure with Blockchain Technology

Mine virtual game currencies with your graphics card

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How to Get Started



Download and install the latest version of AGG Desktop Miner to your Windows or Ubuntu PC



Create a free account to gain members access to your dashboard and miner



Use the AGG Desktop Miner to earn currency from your favourite online games



Request a payout from the wallet in your dashboard to claim earnings in-game

Why Choose AGG?

We have developed a major stepping stone to introducing everyday life with a world of Blockchain and Web3 technology. We are gamers at heart, and rest assured that this will step up your game



You can use as many devices as you like



Complete access to our platform with no cost



We are here to assist you at any time



Generate a passive income for your favourite games

Here’s How to Cash In

Our Payout Process

  • Step 1
    Request a payout from your user dashboard
  • Step 2
    Provide your in-game details like name and server
  • Step 3
    Automatically connect with your payout agent
  • Step 4
    Trade in-game to claim your earnings

How Much Can You Earn?

Maths can be hard, so we have created this helpful calculator to estimate what your rig is currently capable of earning. Simply select your GPU and game currency to find out!

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Secure and Trusted Platform

We have carefully integrated industry leading standards into our platform to ensure a seamless and positive environment for our users to interact. Protecting your data is our priority.

  • TLS Encryption

    Transport Layer Security

    We use a cryptographic communication protocol to ensure all data sent between our servers and your browser is safe and secure.

  • 2FA Account Security

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    We offer the addition of 2FA Authentication to strengthen and establish verified access to all user accounts.

  • Content Delivery

    Cloudflare Web Infrastructure

    Our security is backed up by Cloudflare, providing us with essential protections to our servers and client information.

  • Secured API

    Application Programming Interface

    Our in-house API sets the framework of all interactions between our programs and services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Game Gold is the next generation of Web3 applications providing value to it's user base. With no registration or sign-up costs, we simply allow our users to make money with their devices GPU in game.
To get started, simply create an account on our website and download and install our mining software to begin getting started with our service.
At this current time, we only support Old School Runescape, however are looking to support additional games within the future as our service expands.
Payments are calculated using a proof-of-work algorithm, calculating each valid share your computer submits to the mining pool (PPS). Using this collected data, each 10 minutes we use the current crypto exchange rates to determine your correct earnings in the game currency you choose.
At this current time, we only support Windows and Linux operating systems.