Auto Game Gold monthly updates for June 2022.

Monthly Updates - June 2022

Hello Miners,

Outlined below are the monthly updates for Auto Game Gold for the month of June 2022.

Updates & Events for June 2022:

  • GitHub Integration
    This has enabled the team to successfully develop and communicate all programming tasks for Auto Game Gold between multiple devices and networks, to easily make changes to our code.

  • Test Production Environment Implementation
    We have setup our own test environment that is different from the live production server for future changes and features that are being developed by the team for Auto Game Gold.

  • User Account Settings Redesign
    User settings now have a new user interface design. Currently we are still developing the features required for the new user profile design including linking your social media accounts, requesting your account data, deleting your account, two factor authentication and security codes.  

  • Automated Welcome Email
    We have implemented welcome emails that will be delivered to users emails after signing up for Auto Game Gold. 

  • Application Sign-in Bug Fix
    The team discovered an error preventing users from signing into the application for both Windows and Linux applications. This issue is now resolved. 

  • Balance Update Bug
    The team have fixed a bug preventing user balances from resetting after completing a payout. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Password Reset Bug
    Issue with password resets automatically timing out after making a forgot password recovery request. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Downtime Due to Cloudflare Bug
    Our content delivery network (CDN), Cloudflare, experienced a temporary bug affecting multiple websites. Cloudflare have successfully fixed this issue.  

  • Overall Housekeeping
    Our team like to keep things tidy as we continue to operate Auto Game Gold and keep our services online. This involves, monitoring log files, firewalls, API requests, data analyzing and ensuring we are following the best cyber security practices.
  • Live-chat Maintenance 
    Maintenance for our live-chat feature is on-going. Please expect our live-chat feature to be unstable until we have completely finished integrating new changes for our live-chat function. 

  • We are now on Instagram !
    Auto Game Gold has signed up for Instagram. Feel free to follow us: https://instagram.com/autogamegold

  • Payout Emails
    We have updated the information sent to user account emails when requesting a payout from our websites dashboard. 

  • Change Timezone
    You can now change your time zone from your account settings once signed into Auto Game Gold.

  • Support Page
    We will be adding a support page to our user dashboard. Currently only the front-end design is complete. The team are working on implementing the back-end to allow the support page to function correctly. 

Thank you,
Auto Game Gold Team.