Auto Game Gold monthly updates for July 2022

Monthly Update - July 2022

Hello Miners,

Outlined below are the monthly updates for Auto Game Gold for the month of July 2022.

Updates & Events for July 2022:

  • Home Page Redesign
    We have completed an updated home page design within our production environment that will be published to the live version of our website within the coming days as we continue development.

  • Calculator Page Redesign
    Our calculator page now has a fresh design. We have included recommended devices and trusted merchants to purchase your brand new mining hardware. This will guide our users regarding the many suitable options that are available to run with Auto Game Gold, outlining the mining performance and cheapest prices we can find.

  • User Dashboard
    We have designed and implemented a new look for our user dashboard, this includes our reimagined UI, cleaner charts, wallet and miner pages. This update is set for launch early this week, and will accompany the larger UI and functional changes we have developed.

  • Email Security Codes
    Now you are able to activate email security codes to further secure your Auto Game Gold account. This is feature will allow us to verify that you are the person accessing, handling funds and making changes on your account. We are also finalizing TOTP 2FA so that you may use popular apps such as Google authenticator to manage your access codes.  

  • Upload Profile Pictures
    Now you can personalize your account by uploading a profile picture directly through your settings page. This feature will be expanded on as we implement further upgrades to the Auto Game Gold ecosystem.  

  • Live-chat Rework
    Our live-chat will now automatically detect usernames and emails of registered users for Auto Game Gold. This allows us to easily verify and establish communication between our administration and userbase.

  • Backend Updates
    We continue to improve our backend infrastructure to ensure performance and scalability is delivered to our users without any errors. This involves maintenance of our API, updating server dependencies, code optimizations and a lot of planning required to operate Auto Game Gold.

We look forward to bringing our new updates to the live server early this week, so all users can utilize and enjoy the ever growing list of features that we have implemented for you. 

Thank you,
Auto Game Gold Team.