Auto Game Gold monthly updates for August 2022

Monthly Update - August 2022


Outlined below are the monthly updates for Auto Game Gold for the month of August 2022.

  • New Logo
    Auto Game Gold now has a new logo. 

  • New Web Page Preloader Animation 
    We have implemented a new web page preloader which is animated across all webpages of our website. 

  • Giveaway
    We hosted a 50m OSRS GP giveaway on our Discord channel. If you would like to participant in future giveaway, feel free to join our Discord channel.

  • Email Security Codes
    We now have officially added email security codes for user accounts, this works for account logins and submitting payout request. You can enable this from your profile settings as another layer of security for your account.
  • New Dashboard Design
    We have now finally implemented a new user dashboard design for our users.

  • Change Profile Picture 
    Users are now able to change there profile picture.

  • Delete Account
    Users now have the ability to delete there user account.

We are currently working on adding these features within September:

  • Affiliate System
    We will be implementing an affiliate system which will allow users to be rewarded for affiliate miner referral signups.  

  • 2FA Security
    We will allow users to enable 2FA for there account using authentication services like Google authenticator or Authy as another security layer to secure your accounts. This will allow the ability to secure your account using both 2FA and email security codes to fully protect your account. 

  • Integrating Live-chat & Payout Requests
    We will be adding an automatic integration with our live-chat service when submitting a payout request. This will allow the Auto Game Gold Team to handle payouts more faster for our users. 

  • 0Auth Bind (Connect User Account with 3rd Party Accounts)
    This will allow our users to connect there Google, Facebook, Twitter & GitHub account to their Auto Game Gold account. 

  • Support Tickets
    Users will have the ability to submit support ticket requests.

Thank you,
Auto Game Gold Team