Auto Game Gold Ethereum POS Upgrade Announcement

Ethereum 2

A message for all our miners,

You have most likely caught wind of Ethereum's switch to a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

This major upgrade to their network will put an end to Proof-of-Work mined blocks being submitted, in short, and end to mining Ethereum.

The upgrade is set to launch early - mid September 2022, meaning that Auto Game Gold will no longer be a functioning service on the ETH network. 

But all hope is not lost for the crypto miners of the world, as of course we have been the backbone of cryptocurrency since its conception in 2009.

The team here at Auto Game Gold has been working vigorously in testing other avenues, new blockchains and their ecosystems in order to find a suitable home once the upgrade occurs, in fact, we plan to migrate in anticipation of the ETH upgrade date as to settle in early and eliminate the need for extended downtime.

What does this mean for you?

The current AGG Miner (v1.2) will no longer work.

- Profits may be affected, we are switching to a whole new coin with its own market value and ecosystem.

- There may be unexpected downtimes as we fix errors, bugs and other issues that arise with the switch.

- We ask you to keep a close eye on our announcements as we may need to convey critical information to you.

What can you expect from us?

- We will launch a new update to our AGG Miner (v1.3) (Release notes will be published)

- We will monitor and assess the on-going stability and feasibility of the new network as hash-power begins to pour in from ETH.

- We will continue to work on building the AGG Ecosystem, putting our users first.

- We will continue to improve and maintain our service daily, keeping you well informed about the unfolding events.

You can find more information regarding the ETH 2.0 upgrade here.

We will announce information regarding the new blockchain within the coming days, watch this space. 

And finally a HUGE thankyou to all our Beta testers and interested parties who have helped grow AGG to where it is and give us an amazing vision for our future together.

Happy mining,

Auto Game Gold Team.