Official Service Launch

Auto Game Gold's OPEN BETA


Welcome to Auto Game Gold's open beta launch !

Auto Game Gold is the next generation of web3 applications providing value to it's user base. With no registration or on-going fees, we simply allow our users to generate in-game value using their device GPU. Discover the new age of web3 platforms, as we dive into the future of blockchain and it's endless innovation !

Auto Game Gold enables online gamers around the world to experience the power of blockchain from their home or office.


  • Mine virtual game items/currencies using your computers graphics card
  • User friendly online portal and desktop application
  • Virtual game currency wallets
  • Balance payouts direct to you in-game
  • Dedicated support team
  • Blockchain integrated software
  • Web 3.0 Technology


To install our miner, simply visit https://autogamegold.com/download and select Windows or Ubuntu depending on your host machine, to begin mining currency for your favourite online games.

Majority of anti-virus software flag cryptocurrency miners due to their use in viruses that execute on a user's system without authorization from the user, so be aware that our software may flag as a potentially unwanted software regardless of its legitimate use.

Solution: If your AV flags our software, add it as an exception/exclusion in your anti-virus dashboard, so you can use our software for mining.


Payments are calculated using a proof-of-work algorithm, calculating each valid share your computer submits to the mining pool (PPS). Using this collected data, each 10 minutes we use the current cryptocurrency exchange rates to determine your correct earnings in the game currency you select within our mining application.

Once your account has mined the minimum payout amount, you will be paid in game directly from one of our team members. Simply go to your user dashboard on our website and request a payout in game.

Warmest welcome,

Auto Game Gold Team