v1.3 Software Release

AGG Miner v1.3

Hello Miners,

We are excited to announce our latest revision to the Auto Game Gold Desktop Miner. 

This release comes in preparation for the end of Ethereum mining and our transition onto the Ravencoin Network (RVN).

Whats New in v1.3?

4GB+ VRAM graphics cards are now supported

Our Desktop application is now tested and compatible with Windows 11 OS.

We have updated our logo and branding to match our new design.

We have removed PhoenixMiner tool and replaced it with NBminer for both OS (Windows and Linux).

The application is updated to work using KawPow algorithm on the RVN Blockchain.

Updated vanity links within our support section.

Various code optimizations. 

We will update our website and release an announcement via Discord when it is available to download today.

Please note that the current application v1.2 will no longer work with our backend, and you should install the latest version as soon as it becomes available to continue mining,

If you find a bug or issue with the software or online platform that needs immediate attention, please contact us with as much detail as possible, as we may reward you for your time and effort.

Thankyou all for the ongoing support!

Auto Game Gold Team