v1.1 Software Release

AGG Miner v1.1


We are excited to announce our first public revision of the Auto Game Gold Miner application ! 

Our software allows gamers around the world to connect their idle GPU power to a mining pool, in order to generate virtual game currency.

v1.1 Release notes

  • Desktop application compatible with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04+
  • Phoenixminer integration
  • Currently able to mine OSRS GP 
  • 1 GPU per host machine
  • Able to start application on machine boot (toggle in settings)
  • Live 10 minute graph displaying your earnings whilst mining
  • Live 10 minute balance updates to your worker earnings

Upcoming BETA revisions

As we move together through the open beta testing, we expect to make regular updates and bug fixes to the application and underlying backend.

Due to this, our release schedule will be quite sporadic, and details of our downtime and maintenance schedule will be easily accessible via our Official Discord Channel

 If you find a bug or issue with the software or online platform that needs immediate attention, please contact us with as much detail as possible, as we may reward you for your time and effort. 

Looking forward to this long journey together,

Auto Game Gold Team